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Apart from being a freelance Tech Recruiter and People & Culture advisor, I am quite active in various communities that are connected to the entire employee lifecycle. Whilst helping startups/scaleups face their people challenges on a daily basis, I also take part in different communities, gaining insights into anything concerning People & Culture.  

I've started The People & Culture Shop with the idea of helping both peers and companies. I've spoken with many founders that have brilliant ideas and industry-changing solutions but no idea where to start with their People & Culture strategy. They often don't have the budget to hire either consultants or recruiters to help them find the best talent. That leads to the sad fact that 72% of the startups never make it. 

My mission is to help that rate decrease by sharing my knowledge. Because having the right people at the right place is crucial for a company to succeed. And that’s where I come in. 

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