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Next to my freelance gigs, I have decided to develop The People & Culture Shop (TPCS)  as a knowledge sharing video platform.


TPCS is a ‘happiness spreading’ tool for me. My career has grown thanks to the many fantastic people in this industry, who have inspired me to be better. They have shared the tool for happiness in their own work, with me and the community and I aim to do the same. With respect, gratitude, honesty and not an ounce of negativity. 


I love a good challenge. Having challenges is what fuels creativity, in every aspect of the word. This is why TPCS is based on the daily challenges we face in our industry. This is also the reason that the content will be based on YOUR questions, which I will gladly investigate and can hopefully help solve. Every request will be taken seriously, without judgment. What comes easy to one, can be a struggle for another. 


By helping you overcome your People & Culture challenges, I will not only help you grow but I too will learn from the process. Which seems like a win-win situation in my book. Growth is only achieved when we step out of our comfort zone. And for me that step was made by starting with TPCS. I see many colleagues fear the step of discomfort and it’s such a waste. So yes, I will be kicking your butt so you get out there and dare to disrupt. 

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